Dec 31, 2007


There was a kingdom in East Java called Jenggala. A king, called King Raden Putra ruled Jenggala. King Raden Putra had two wives. The first lady was a sweet person, full of love and cares. However, the second lady was not so sweet though. Infact, she was known as a sorehead and jealousy. She was always jealous with first lady and she was dying to get rid of her from the palace so she became the first lady. And that’s why this story happened.

One day, the second lady came up with this perfect idea. Evil, but perfect idea. With a butch of golden money, she bribed her private physician to help her playing a fake drama against first lady in front of the king. That day, she entered king’s room and with a fake pale face, she said to king that she was sick. The king then ordered a soldier to call the physician. The physician who knew about the second lady’s plan did not surprise when he saw a soldier entered his yard. On the way to the palace, he memorized all the words that he would say to the king.

As soon as he got in to the palace, the king ordered him to cure the second lady. The physician then checked her artery, eyes and mouth. After a few minutes, he told the king that second lady was poisoned. The king was shocked. He had no idea about the person who wanted to kill his wife in his palace. The second lady, with her soft and manipulated voice, said that the first lady who tried to poison her. The king who bought all the words was very angry. And without further investigation, he ordered his patih to kill first lady.

First lady who was pregnant got shocked when she heard king’s order. She begged not to kill her. Her tears were all over her face when she said it was a frame-up. But the king did not listen to her. He did not believe in her. Only his patih who believed in her. When Patih got the order, he could not kill her so he put his Keris back in to its scabbard and hid her in the middle of forest.

The first lady was left alone without her maids and guards. In the forest, she masqueraded as a village woman. A couple months later her son was born. She named him as Cindelaras. Cindelaras grew as a handsome young man. He had many friends from the forest. Snake, tiger, lion, eagle are his friends.

One day, there was an eagle flew in the sky and dropped an egg on his lap. Cindelaras thought this was his lucky day. He walked to his house and planned to cook the egg. Then he changed his mind. He decided to hatch the egg. A few days later, the egg was broken. A baby rooster came out from the shell. Cindelaras was so happy. He really took care of the baby rooster. Fed it and played with it. When the rooster became adult, it crowed very weird. It said

Jagone Cindelaras
Omahe tengah alas
Payone godhong klaras
Bapakne Raden Putra

You don’t understand the words, do you ? It’s Javanese language. Ok this is the translation.

The rooster belongs to Cindelaras
His house in the middle of jungle
The roof was made by coconut leaves
His father’s name was Raden Putra

Cindelaras was surprised when he heard the crow. He asked his mother “is it true my father’s name was Raden Putra?”

Her mother said “yes.” Then she decided to tell Cindelaras the truth. Cindelaras was surprised when he found out that his father was the king of his country. “I have to meet him” he said.
With his mother’s blessing, Cindelaras and his rooster went to the palace. They stopped by at the village for a while and joined the rooster fight tournament. His rooster fought very bravely. It beat up other roosters and became a winner. Cinderalas was very happy. His winning was heard through the palace. The King decided to invite Cinderalas to the palace.

It was the first time Cinderalas saw his father. Cinderalas hold himself in front of his king. King Raden Putra was impressed with Cinderalas’s rooster. He asked Cinderalas to battle the rooster with his. Cinderalas said “ok”.

They went to the field and started to battle their rooster. With its beak, cindelaras’s rooster fought bravely and defeated king’s rooster. Once again, cindelaras’s rooster won the battle.
King was disappointed. He asked Cindelaras” who are you?”
Cinderalas did not answer the question. Suddenly the rooster crowed.

The rooster belongs to Cindelaras
His house in the middle of jungle
The roof was made by coconut leaves
His father’s name was Raden Putra

King Raden Putra was shocked when he heard the crow. “ Are you really my son ?”
Cinderalas said, “Yes highness. My mother and I lived in the forest. For all these years, you had punished her for something that she never did.”
The king asked an explanation from Patih. Patih said, “Yes highness. I did not kill the first lady. I hid her in the forest. I am sorry but I had my investigation. First lady did not attend to kill second lady. The poison story was a lie.”
The king was shocked and regretted. He asked forgiveness to his son. Cinderalas forgave him and hugged his father.

The king punished the second lady and put her in to jail along with her physician. The king came to the forest to pick his wife. He asked his wife to forgive him and asked her to come back to the palace. The first lady who never hated the king forgave him and agreed to come back.

Therefore, by a kingdom cart, the king, first lady and Cindelaras went back to the palace.